The Truth About R-Values

What R-Value should I have in my house?

How much insulation you have in your home will vary based on what type of climate you live in, the construction of your home, what and how many heating and cooling equipments you are using.

Great! So I can depend on R-Value when comparing insulation?

Not really. R-Values tell only part of the story. R-Value is a laboratory measurement that measures conduction, but it does not effectively measure the other two methods of heat transfer: convection and radiation. So R-Value is only telling 1/3 of the story of how well your home will be insulated in real world conditions.

What is...

The truth is…not all insulations effectively combat all three kinds of heat transfer…

You need insulation that will protect your home against all three kinds of heat transfer! You need Home Comfort CFI! Effective R-Value is not about a label – it’s about performance. In a study by the University of Colorado of Architecture and Planning found that cellulose insulations perform as much as 38% better than traditional insulation. 38% better!

But wait, there’s more…
The quality and integrity of Home Comfort Insulation also means: a more comfortable living and working space that’s safer for you and better for the environment.

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